Why I'm running

In the past year we have faced challenges that were previously unimaginable. I am running to ensure that our community makes a full recovery and, not only remains a desirable place to live, but becomes an even more coveted place to be. To do that we need representatives who will be there for us and ready to deliver responsive services from our government.


Focused on the Fifth

Including the communities of Saddle Rock, Saddle Rock Estates, Harbor Hill, Great Neck Estates, Great Neck Plaza, Russell Gardens, University Gardens, Lake Success, North New Hyde Park and parts of Garden City Park and Floral Park


About Peter

I am proud to announce that I am running for Town Council in the Town of North Hempstead’s 5th District and will be on the ballot as the Democratic candidate this November. Our current representative, Lee Seeman, will be retiring. Lee has had a remarkable career serving in government, the Democratic Party, and in local communal groups. I am honored to have received her endorsement and will heed her advice throughout my campaign. I am similarly excited to be running alongside Town Clerk and Supervisor-candidate, Wayne Wink, and Councilwoman and Town Clerk-candidate, Viviana Russell. Collectively, we hope to have the opportunity to work together and build upon the successful tenure of our Town Supervisor, Judi Bosworth.

I believe I have the necessary skills and experience to effectively represent our community and look forward to proving that to our residents during my campaign. I was raised in the Town, growing up in Roslyn Heights, just a few miles away from where I live now in Great Neck Plaza. After high school I attended the George Washington University and studied History and Political Science. I then worked at the American Federation of Teachers before attending law school at the University of Pennsylvania. In my final year at Penn Law I was elected to serve as the President of our student government. I moved back to the Town because of my love for our community and will do everything I can to successfully serve its residents as District 5's next Councilperson.


Peter'S Priorities

Delivering High

Quality Services

The residents of our Town deserve the best and as your Councilperson that is what I pledge to deliver. Core to my mission as your representative will be continuing to deliver high quality services from the Town. Town initiatives like Project Independence, Funday Monday, and North Hempstead TV offer great benefits to our residents and must be preserved. New recreational initiatives started during the pandemic including drive through movie nights and effective remote programming should also be continued, especially as a means to serve seniors. I will make myself available to advocate on behalf of any individual and our community as a whole to ensure the effective and timely delivery of services from the various Departments within our Town government.

Not In Our Town

Our community boasts residents from every faith, ethnicity, race, and orientation. In response to incidents of bigotry within our region, the Town of North Hempstead developed the Not in Our Town program to combat hate. The initiative has sponsored important programming and facilitated collaboration with relevant experts and authorities to ensure our community remains a welcome one for all of our residents. I will continue to prioritize this important initiative as your representative.

Supporting Local Businesses

The past year has presented unprecedented difficulties for local businesses in our community. Facing these challenges, the Town established an internal Business Recovery COVID-19 Response Workgroup and invested in the Lift Up Local program to address a multitude of challenges presented by the pandemic. If elected this fall, I will work with local leaders and businesses to attract destination-focused venues that can anchor our downtowns and provide support from the Town to attract more consumers to our commercial areas.

Transparency and Responsiveness

If you need me, call me. During both my campaign and if I am elected, I promise to be extremely responsive to the needs of our residents. I'm asking for your support now as your candidate. If elected, I will be there for you and all of my constituents as your representative. If you email the address or utilize the contact form provided below, I will be happy to find a time to connect.

The Environment

Making our Town more environmentally friendly is a priority of mine. If elected, I will work to reduce our government's use of resources and incentivize the use of renewable energy sources throughout the Town. These initiatives will be good for our environment and can help us save money. Additionally, I will continue to support the Town's Sustainability Programs to promote conservation efforts throughout our community and work to ensure the safety of our drinking water.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our residents deserve representatives that they can trust to responsibly manage their tax dollars. Among Supervisor Judi Bosworth's chief accomplishments is the Town of North Hempstead's Triple-A bond rating, the highest municipal bond rating available. As a result, our Town is able to obtain favorable interest rates when seeking financing for new projects, thus minimizing the cost burdens to taxpayers. It will be a top priority of mine to follow Supervisor Bosworth's leadership and maintain this status for the Town.


I Want To Hear From You!

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please email me at fishkindpeter@gmail.com or use this contact form.

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